Review: NunSongYee

Hello people, yes, this is post is all about my fat panda face ! hahahas ! Let's start ! *scroll down please*

Okay, jokes aside~ IT'S ABOUT NUNSONGYEE ! The one that is not from the star. LOL. Okay, sounds like the popular korea drama's female actress name inside the show, but no, it's more delicious than that ! It's bingsu ! Was walking in the shop, and saw this big big signboard !


The store is like so korean style, it's the type of cafe that you always see inside those korea drama and yes, it is in Singapore *scream*

They actually have so much more yummy goodies other than bingsu of course, their toast is also those korean style one ! But we both are too too TOO full to even give it a try :(

A real korea style cafe, and yes it's in Singapore ! Sooooooo Love this place from the moment I see it ! Really thanks chia chia for bring us there !

While waiting, why not some selfie? ;) #themyneckgotaproblempose

And of course the bingsu ! Opps, I forget to mention, if you are really just having a dessert. You might want to share it, it looks pretty small, but trust me, its quite big !

It got the ice kachang feel, but the ice is so much like flake yet it is not ! Also they use real fresh fruits and having some korea red bean and a little jelly inside ! Really thumb up ! Oh, as for the ice cream flavour I think choose the flavour !

Really a thumb up for this cafe ! Of course, I would rate 10/10 ! Just the location abit hidden, you need to bus in ! It's behind chomps~ 

45 Burghley Drive #01-04

My ootd for valentine day :)