7 must eat food in Taiwan NightMarket !

Hello every pillow~ Just being random. Anyway, this might be the most excited blog post I have been wanting to blog because.... IT'S ABOUT FOOOOOOD ! If you catch this week's vlog, it's all about (okay not all, most), ABOUT NIGHT MARKET ! THAT'S WHAT TAIWAN IS FOR RIGHT RIGHT ! 

Also, there's no worries to eat in Nightmarket because everything is so affordable ! 

Yam ice cream in popiah skin

Having a happening life in Taiwan, and went down to grab this yum ice cream ! It's different okay people. Who use popiah skin to wrap ice cream, which contain peanut inside and the xiang chai. I didn't add the veg, but it's taste real good. I mean, I actually don't eat yum like a no, but I finished this one ! The peanut which is finely chopped, using the magic wooden block (god knows what's that.. hahas), and it added texture to the ice cream !

I gotten it at xi men ding, which is below our apartment then ! I saw it in quite a few night market, including jiu fen, so do try it out!

Acutally, I gotten like A LOT of food that night. Okay, without picture but just note down people !


It is actually a hollo potato ball, the very first time I ate it, it's like meh. Really, I think it's not filled and hollo. But after a few balls, it's damn addictive ! Cause the potato ball is super chewy and if the store owner give you the just fried, HOLY ! It's like crispy and chewy, can you even feel that ?! Eating food of the next level, but make sure the oil looks clean, otherwise you will be eating dirt ball instead. #justsaying

Da chang bao xiao chang

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This is like real pretty decent, I mean what can go wrong with taiwan sausage right?! The so called "da chang" which should be large intestine but it is actually glutinous rice, and wrapping taiwan sausage with all those weird garlic and chilli. Please, tell the lady/guy don't put or a little ! I got mine so damn spicy and the garlic smell I feel not only vampire will die please.

In addition, I ate just the sausage one with seaweed flavour, also at xi men ding, it's really different, it has pretty much flavours, I think I bite my best friend's curry flavoured too ! Suggest to try both !

The legendary noodles !  

Holy Cow ! This one is really because we decided to go the extra miles ! Because it's only available at Dang Shui nightmarket, and it's pretty deep in, near a milktea store. This look like a normal noodles and chicken, but no~ The chicken is grilled and so as the noodles ! Both are grilled on the hot stove and the black pepper sauce is a little spicy but it's the best, the milk tea store has matcha milk tea so why not right !

The noodles and the chicken gave this real special flavour, like BBQ ! The skin is like the best, because it's soooooo tender !

Only available in Dan Shui Nightmarket !!

Noodles with steak ! 

This noodles is only available in Rui Feng night market, which is in kaohsiung. This noodles is pretty decent which the black sauce and I mixed the egg yolk with the noodle with bring the food to the next level. Not saying I'm super creative but the noodles because so much smoother, like how you eat sabu sabu with the raw egg? The steak is quite like patty, don't expect too much for night market food ya.

We only saw this at rui feng night market.

The holy moly baked potato with cheese and ingredients !!

This is really GOOD ! LIKE WE WANTED TO EAT IT SOOO MANY TIMES ! Really just baked potato filled with cheddar cheese and ingredients ! The cheese melts the potato, together with the ingredients, holy moly another bite please ! Really thumb up ! We added the ham, corn and some other ingredients, okay just saying, we ordered the most expensive one. Cause there's more ingredients ! hahahahs !

In addition, hear that xi men ding also have a shop called "wang zi" which their baked potato skin is hash brown, wtf did I miss out?!?!?! But they close real early like 8pm? In addition, shops in Xi meng ding close pretty early actually.

Tako Ball ! 

Just watch my vlog, all expression is written there ! hahahhs ! They have the wasabi one too ! It's really different and I love it !!

We only saw this in feng jia nightmarket ! So do queue up ya.

That Scallop ! 

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These scallop found in feng jia night market is right up there ! Even the price, but there is no regret because they are really good like damn, should have buy a dozen ! Because maybe because there is only a few, so it taste super nice. I order "anything" which has a different type of flavouring which added texture to the scallop.

What is your favourite in Taiwan nightmarket? Please do comment and perhaps my next trip I could grab them !! hahahas

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Till the next post,
Love you guys !