What to do in Kaohsiung

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Anyway, I don't really recommend Kaohsiung even I planned for this part of Taiwan.. LOL. To be real frank, it doesn't have much to see except museum. Maybe everyone wanna go there as it's the second biggest city but no thanks man.

But since we are there, we of course did plan for itinerary, and if you are interested to visit Kaohsiung then ya you could obviously.

1:  Takao Railway Museum

This is a simple Museum full with the real railway that was used in the past, and photo taking is obviously a must, and there is a few tracks for you to choose from !

Taiwan, 高雄市鼓山區麗興里

2. Qi Jin Island

This might be one of the best place near Kaohsiung ! Hahahs. Having the Pula Ubin feel, it's really quite a rest from those town area and real beautiful scenery, like real beautiful ! The must would be the lighthouse and walking up a little more (it's tiring, I know) but worth it !

Also, this island is well-known for their seafood ! A little pricy but they really do taste fresshhh ! In addition, you could split your fish to half soup, half steam or fry ! WORTH IT ! It's about 2500NT for 6 people? So it's still quite affordable. Their prawn is very pricey and big, thus we didn't order that. 

3. Shinkuchan

This is a very super big day market in Kaohsiung, please visit after 2pm, as all booths open pretty late. Their items ain't really cheap here, but I gotten like few tops here, about $15 - $25 SGD. Personally I feel it's quite alright, because the material and design are pretty.

It's much like Orchard in Kaohsiung, there is one or two lanes selling super expensive items for about $50 to $60 SGD !?


Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
(Take MRT to the Central Park Stop)

4. Wufu 4th Road

We research and found the wufu 4th road online near the love river, don't expect it to be a night market or something, it is simply just a road. There is pretty much cafes and pubs, we didn't get to go in the cafes as we ate like the local shop which is has pretty much a queue and we ate the xiao long bao (don't even order that, it's not like the SG xiao long bao), and the dumpling noodles, which I feel very nice (the soup base one), with that ultra big dumpling !  The chicken chop is pretty good too ! 

5. Night Market

This is of course a MUST in every part of Taiwan !! I would recommend the largest night market which is Rui Feng Night Market and liuhe Night Market. The Rui Feng nightmarket is totally PACKED with people, and pretty squeeze, but some food there are not found in other nightmarket. While, Liu he nightmarket is near my hotel, like a 10minutes or 5 minutes walk if you know how to walk the alley.

5. Where to stay

We stay near  Formosa Boulevard which is the central of Kaohsiung, and they have this real pretty MRT station. Okay to be honest, it is only in pictures ! LOL ! Don't have super high hopes dude, because it kills !

We stayed at the room for 4 people, the breakfast is not really nice, but the room and toilet are good for stay. The couple room is pretty small, and has no wardrobe, just a string to hang your clothes. For the breakfast is not really good, but there is always options to eat breakfast near the area! Also, the 7-elven is pretty near, thus supper of instant noodles or at the nightmarket is pretty good ! They also have movie channel, which we watched it for the 3 days. We paid for about $20-30 per person for room for 4 people.

The Cloud Hotel,
No.18, Minzhu Rd., Xinxing Dist, 

Kaohsiung, KHH, Taiwan 812


I wouldn't really recommend Kaohsiung, despite everyone said it's the second large town, but if you would wanna visit, a 2 days would be more than enough. One day to qi jin island, one day for all the museum, love river and night market for both night ! 

Blogging more on my taiwan trip before I move to my BKK trip, so stay tuned !