Tips up to CingJing from Kaoshiung (Taiwan) !

Hello my cutie pie, how is life going man ! I'm having like three jobs now; real job, blog job and drama job. HAHAHS. Watching roommates and return of superman, omg it's really really reallllly NICE !

From Transport

*Ahem* okay, so back to the trip to CingJingggg ! Usually, people will hire car up to CingJing as it is high up in the mountain, and it's pretty inconvenient, we did that as well. You could contact our driver if you ever wanted to go Taiwan #notsponsoredk We went up in the evening after our crazy theme park !

Our driver is pretty good in recommending us some locations, and having karaoke in his car is like a great bonus ! It's about NT$6500 (~SGD$224) per day, but that price is for us with luggage. So if you are travel in a smaller group, it will be much cheaper for you.

Spending: NT$1,166 (per pax)

Contact details of driver:

Theme park

Spend a whole day in my favourite place, can anyone guess where is it?! The place where Queen Tiff wave. HAAHAHS ! That's what hm says alright !

IT HAS THE ALMOST OR 90 DEGREE DROP LIKE WHAT?!?!?! It's damnnnnn FUN ! Hahahs ! Yupp, my favourite place, it has a few real crazy rides and some pretty childish ones , but we still... I mean, hey we paid everything already right?! Hahahas ! 

We spend the whole day there; not only it has theme park, it actually has A LOT of things to walk and see. But the theme park is big enough for us to pay the whole day ! The food there is quite expensive, as it is a themepark, what u expecting right? However, the tickets they do have promotion then, so its sold in pairs.

Spending on ticket: NT$275 (~SGD$9.4) per pax

Jian Hu Shan Theme Park- 劍湖山世界


Before getting up to our mingsu, we actually ate at this really famous place, called "Yi Na Gu" smoked chicken, it's like something everyone there would know. Cause it's in the middle of nowhere, LOL.

And if you watch my previous vlog, you will see that we have to break the chicken into pieces by our own, and the food there is really not bad ! It cost about NT$1452 (~SGD$50) for 7 people! If I'm not wrong, we actually ate for set for 4, adding fish and vegetables. Their menu have sets, which all include the famous chicken (like duh?) hahahs

Spending: NTS$242 (per pax)

Just ask your driver, because it's a must to pass by before going up to CingJing.


Not sure is it me or what, but I really love our stay in CingJing, despite carrying the luggage up the stairs (like the one I climbed up in my vlog) but it's really refreshing air up there, and beautiful morning scenery, to shoo my morning black face (yes, I do have the morning temper for like 15mins everyday, just don't talk to me). Usually, I will shoo that off by lazing in my bed for another 15/30 mins ! hahahs

Our stay is a little expensive, as it's on the weekends and CingJing is more of an attraction, so if there is a cow to milk, why not right? hahahs. Our stay NT$3092 (~SGD$106) for 4 people, and NT$1156 (~SGD$39) for a couple.

They provide supper and really lovely breakfast, omg, missing all those milk tea T.T and of course that glass noodles !!!

Spending: NT$773 (per pax for 4 people room)

Julie's Garden Villa- 清境峰情人文民宿
No.46, Rongguang Ln, Cingjing, Nantou, Taiwan


How can you come CingJing without going to their famous meh meh farm?! Be damn DAMN prepared for the massive crowds, mainly China people. Not saying they are bad or what, but I actually told a china guy off, as he continuously feed the sheeps chips, in front of his children?! WTH? You have no brain?! Other than that, everything is good. Please bring your student card as it will come in handy when purchasing the tickets ! The food to feed the sheeps is only NT$10 (SGD$0.20).

In addition, some timing you might want to take note:
9.30am sheep show, 1030am horse show.

The way they grab the sheep are pretty disturbing, as it seems so cruel when they just grab the animals. I bet the sheep are used to it and hurt. However, when they are set free, it's still good to interact with the sheep and see how they roam freely.

Spending: NT$120 (ticket/pax)

NO. 170, Renhe Rd., Datong Village, Ren’ai Township, 
Nantou County, Taiwan(R. O. C.)

Operating hours:
8am to 4pm.

Ri Yue Tan

Coming to TaiZhong, somehow everyone would think of this island called "Ri Yue Tan". If you don't really fancy boat ride, then you could ask your driver to drive you guys to the attraction of "Ri Yue Tan". Because the boat ride is really nothing much to see, and the guide will keep talking non-stop, like for real. LOL.

The temple stop will have this real famous herbal egg, but for me, I think their business is way too good and it became pretty blend (we went there about 5pm?). Hopefully you guys have better luck then me !

Spending on Ferry: NT$250

To Feng Jia Night market !

If you haven't no clue what to eat in Feng Jia nightmarket, awesome guide is HERE ! There is sooo much to eat and look, I didn't really shop here, cause I was thinking of a bagpack and I gotten it in another nightmarket, so will blog about the cheap deals of where is it at !

BUT IS THIS THE NIGHT MARKET WITH THE MOST FOOD, I SWEAR WHEN I MEAN MOST ! 3 lanes of food stretch, like can you imagine, three pasamalar lane of nice food ! hahahhs !

Till the next great post and have a great day ahead!