A day in TaiZhong !

I must say perhaps CingJing and Taizhong is my favourite place out of all, cause everything seems like a tourist attraction place! For our trip around TaiZhong, we also engage our driver in my previous post

La Vida Hotel

 Our stay in TaiZhong is really good ! It's La Vida, it's like damn atas but it pretty affordable ! The screen could be pull down, so don't worry shy people ! Hahahs ! Just looks pretty cool how me and yn decided to take each other ! Guess who is inside the toilet and who is out? hahahs! But everything has two set, as we stay in the room for 4, even the basin !

It is really near Feng Jia Night Market too ! The hotel also provide map to Feng Jia and the whereabout

Spending: If I'm not wrong, it's below SGD$40 per pax


No. 275-2, Section 2, Xitun Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407

Famous ice cream place - Gong Yuan Yan Ke 原眼科

The must-go ice cream place ! Like must gooo ! Really lots of ice cream flavours, but boo side, no trying. So we just gotten some flavours that we usually like, and watch my video to know which is our recommended one !

Price for this cup: NT$85 (~SGD$2.9)

Lavender cottage

#pleaselookatwhattheleftbackisdoing?! hahahhs

Half regret, half glad. I'm a huge fan of lavender actually, especially the smell, it's sooo NICE ! So coming here is needless to say, but it really not as fancy as what I thought, but the smelly is awesome. It don't really have much places to walk to, and only a wishing tree, and us doing pretty weird stunts? hahahs ! The ticket include a NT$50 voucher for you to get some shopping, I sincerely regret giving my voucher to her friends, cause after which I wanted to get this spray for NT$600 which NT$50 seems pretty useful suddenly...

Ticket price: NT$100 (~SGD$5)

Zhong She Hua Shi: Flower market (中社花市)

Welcome to the place where everyone pretend to be Jay Chou ! Pretty easy to get the angle where everyone will take, as they provide stood for you to stand on ! hahahs ! It's pretty huge, a few attraction for you to snap some shoots !

Place the link at the header, so you guys could see their FB page ! They approach us for some shoots, and giving sunflower seed for those who keen to help. Just help them, cause you are a tourist and nobody knows :X !

Ticket: NT$120 per pax (~SGD$6)

"Add noodles, no extra cost" 

I guess this is like one of the top secret place tourist would know ! At a small outlet, there is this shop where the boss is real friendly and keep telling you to eat more and no addition charge for the second bowl. And I freaking ate two bowls cause it is that nice?!

They have 5 different types of noodles, I ate mee fen first, followed by their first signboard noodle, which I simply forget what's that. It's a white noodle, but it feel like handmade as no sticking to your teeth ! The beef soup one is real nice too ! They also have the dry ones ! The dry one has stronger taste as compared to the soup one, so perhaps you guys could order the different thing and try it out !

三豐 297 (from my driver)

Till the next great post and have a great day ahead!