Review: Hiruscar Post-Acne

I'm back with some reviews of products that you guys might be interested of, before I start off my another blog venture ! Anyway, I have tried this product, on and off, for about 2 weeks. I tried to apply it every morning and night time.

Hiruscar post acne helps to take care of your acne after they have leave a mess on your face. The post acne gel features are;  Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, alcohol free, and that it contains Pionin, an anti-bacterial agent that helps to prevent acne recurrence.

It is also suitable for oily and acne-prone skin type, which is me, currently my face is full of acne for godknowswhy. And the target age is from 15 to 24 years old for both gender, which is when we always get our acne :( !

First time, when I applied it. It gives this cool sensation, followed by the tightening of the skin feel. Would say it actually makes me feel that it is healing my skin, but perhaps because I didn't use it very often, I couldn't see much results. It doesn't give the greasy, and absorb pretty quickly.

The Hiruscar mention it has a unique formulation with 3-in-1 Scan Clear Benefits;

  1. Lightens dark marks 
  2. Improves / smoothens depressed pimple scars 
  3. May prevent pimple occurrence

Does it do what it says?!

The black mark on my nose, that caused by my itchy fingers, has cure pretty much. It will a little darker but currently it's gone, and I'm just lazy to show you guys here (just follow me on snapchat and u could see it) hhahahs ! It has smoothen the little bump on my face and showing a lot of improvement. But side note, this gel is only effective for acne that are less than 2 years old !

Would give it perhaps a 6/10 ? As it did what it said, just not really fast result.

It is pretty much everywhere, you can get it at; Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Independent Pharmacies, Polyclinics - at a Retail Price of $22.90/10ml.

Till the next great post and have a great day ahead!