Beauty in the pot @ OneKM

Hello nommies, we are back in eating FOOD ! YAY ! To be real frank, I'm having food tasting every now and then, because it is my job. LOL !

This is not a sponsored post, but it is a father's day celebration post, ya somewhere in May'15. Let's nom !

The Beauty in the pot at OneKM is owned by Paradise Dynasty, and obviously it is atas. Definitely not cheap, but the food (especially the seafood) is real good. Although it is at OneKM, but reservation is kinda a must, otherwise you need to wait for quite some time !

Like other most a la carte steamboat, ordering is through Ipad. Usually, we don't order a lot, and if it is not enough, then re-order it !

 Overall review:

The combination of sauce: soya sauce + garlic + "xiang chai" 

The soup base is known for having much collagen, that one obviously I could not taste it. But the soup base, after boiling for a while, it kept having the foam and they do provide the scooper and a bottle to throw the foam. In addition, they have four bottles of the soup base for refilling at your own pace. It taste pretty milky, but with the meat soak inside, it became oily pretty easily too.

The meat is the premium type, with much marbles on top of the thin sliced meat. Thus, with the 3 dips into the steamboat pot will get it cooked! Much tender and it does not have any beefy taste or porky taste.

The seafood is SUPER DUPER SUPER FRESH! THE PRAWN IS RAW! Can you believe it?! The prawn is swimming inside the wine, feeling a little bad to throw them down alive, but that is how fresh it is. I'm so sorry prawn, my dad throw u down, not me. Loving the fish paste with the small fish eggs on top. The waitress will help you to prepare them, and each paste ball will contain the fish eggs! Chewy fish egg, and some popping element inside, must order!

The total bill came up to $220 for 5 people, it is considered expensive, but we kind of over ordered too. It is more worth it if you came with a lot of people, as the soup base is fixed price, and it is already $25. So it is like damn wasted if only two people come right. 

After the meal, there is mocktail for us and it taste refreshing as it is ice blended! The service is pretty alright, as each staff has their designated table to be in-charged. They serve food really fast, just that we have to ask for the mocktail for quite a number of time, which is pretty disappointed. Otherwise, everything is pretty up to standard.

Food     Aesthetic      Price      Service     Overall
9/10   9.5/10      5.5/10     8.5/10    9/10

Eat well,
Till the next post !