Sponsored post: KFC battle of the wings !

Hello nommies ! Gonna have a food review on something everyone confirm taste before ! It's all about chicken and your finger~~

That's right, it's Kentucky Fried Chicken !!
They have launch a new seasoning fried chicken, and I bet most of you have seen it at bus stop, my instagram page and every other place. So how does it really taste like? Let's check it out !

KFC introduce "The battle of the wings" for both Japan and Korea sauce on fried chicken ! I'm so glad it's no longer breast meat, cause I'm having hard time to peel those meat off ! Hahahs !

This time round, the fried chicken, surprisingly taste nicer than their 2 pieces crispy chicken , like their signature dish ! Cause this is fried without much batter, I feel, and then topped with the sauce before serving. Thus, it still taste alittle crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and with flavourful sauce.

The yang yeum taste a little way too spicy ! Hahahs ! Usually korean dishes has a little sweet and spicy taste, but this is a little sweet and damn spicy taste ! Hahahs ! Okay, I need to admit, I'm not someone who can take real spicy food ! This is not my cuppa tea, but overall I feel that it still taste pretty nice, if you like spicy food ! *devil mood on*

My lover just saved my tastebud ! With the tangy yet savoury Umadare be sure to feel inside your comfort zone. A little sweet and salty, but still pleasantly good, especially the sesame seed that give a fragrance. *I feel that I'm smelling KFC around my house, is it me or what?* hahahas. But my thumb is up for UMADARE ! That's why people always say Japan has the triplet A logo !  

Both a la carte of the 4 pcs wings sold at $4.90, while Wings Rice Bento Set sold at $6.90 (inclusive of 4 pcs wings, rice, salad & 1 7up lemon mint)

Have yet to try out the bento and the unique 7up lemon mint ! Perhaps tomorrow, since I have school alone #foreveraloneinuni #musiccue

Also, it is Available at all KFC stores except KFC Sentosa and Singapore Zoo. 

Lastly, something real fun and funny ! Hashtag #kfcoishii (for my lover - Umadare) or #kfcmashisoyo (for yang yeum) on your Instagram video, saying "oishii" or "mashisoyo" while eating the wings !  One lucky winner will be chosen from the ‘winning flavour’ to win a prize !!

I  have picked my side, now is your turn.
Finger licking good, 
Only at KFC