Did you get your 2015 new year's resolution checked?

This is getting a little awkward, and embarrassing. If you guys have been reading my blog often, every year I will make some new year resolution, and I guess it is reaching the end of the year and time to review themmm ! 

1. I have planned my braces surgery schedule and it is a secret ! But I guess it is okay, because I realise everyone attend different modules. Thus, no one will notice anything right? Hahahs. Drop a little hints here and there about when is my brace surgery, and even my bestie don't know the exact date, but of course I did told him the month and the "around that week"

Status: Half-checked

2. Checked. Kinda, half loving my job now. Hahas. Also, handling my studies now, so neglect this blog space a little (just a little) and of course my youtube channel. I still have not edit two vlog videos :( Really hope I could get it done before end of this month or this year. 

P.S/ I need to submit essay by end of this month, someone kill me please.

Status: Checked and trying hard to managed

3. HAHAHAS ! I DON'T EVEN HAVE MUCH FRIENDS IN UNI NOW. Like really. I don't have the courage to say "Hi" first T.T But trying to make some friends down the road, and hopefully I can. 

Status: Made two friends, and trying hard.

4. Kinda a total success because I headed to Thailand before my work start too ! In addition, a korea trip next year ! Woohoo ! After I get my expired passport done of course. LOL. #becauseimbudgettospendextrapennyonanewpassportforanewface

 Status: Contented for this year, checking for next

5. Hehe ! My hangul improve slightly a little bit, due to my work. But I won't say it is really good now, still trying to go for class. But till now.... I have no time. LOL

 Status: Perhaps during my post-surgery time?

This year zooomed really fast, and I have a feeling that it is because of my real packed packed PACKED work life and study life. But I'm surviving strong, with a few more pimples popping out, OMA !