What i been thru in 2015

Hello everyone !

Hope you guys are loving the new 95% done (or done, as its my plan to get it complete before 2016) layout ! A real promise to come back this newly renovated page *love*

For me, 2015 is really a huge roller coaster ride; from final poly exam, graduation, grad trip, first full-time job, university and first time fcuking failed an exam paper (which I need to retake). There is of course ups and down, but one thing I'm really glad is that, I didn't die in 2015.

1. God will always take care of you

I always planned everything back to back, without any thoughts if one would crash. This year, I face two major downslopes in my life; 1- I failed one module and I need to retake, 2 - I could not go for my operation as planned.

I was so dumbfounded when these two things strike and I could not even think straight, especially for my surgery as it concern a whole month. When my nurse said my surgeon would only have slots after feb, It was like an "invalid" sign, because its wasn't even in my plan. But I really thank god or my surgeon to fit my schedule into Jan and I could still go school and work in Feb'16. This is something I am really thankful. I managed to meet more friends, laughed and enjoyed this festive season before everything.

2. The pickups - Work

Well I suppose everyone puts in their 200% in their first job, trying to learn as much as they can. I am one of that human beings, who put 300% in my tightly packed job. I would say my boss is really good, we get to work from home or anywhere, just like a dream job ! But everything has a price to pay, I pay using my personal time. Initially, I would just OT unknowingly till pretty late at night, and started not to work smart.

But after 8 months, finally, this is the resting month, I learned to re-plan my schedule, with my 2016 planned for work, hopefully nothing will go wrong EVER ! In the past, careless mistake was just an "oh well, yet again", but now, I wouldn't even dare to jinx that. Because in marketing, each mistake is a huge mistake.

3. The pickups - Uni

Honestly speaking, I would not say that I'm the most brilliant or smart kid in this world, and obviously not the most hardworking ones. But, I still managed to pass everything and make a gang of friends in my whole 20 years. Well, not in university anymore. I only have like friends that I could count using one hand (okay, its just one bff T.T ) and studying became so hard when there isn't any tutorials and 3 hours lecture is killing me after the whole day of working.

Always I would be little miss last-minute to study, but no longer can I do that with full-time working. (A pointer for my new year resolution !) My high energy level was completely drained after the school and seeing me falling asleep before showering seems legit (no I did shower before I really rest in my bed).

4. Those Vacations !

I really love vacations, especially I went three locations this year; Bali, Taiwan and Thailand ! I wanted to head to Korea in Dec, but I had my surgery as planned then and it will be so fcuking expensive if I buy it last minute, on top of that, no passport. LOL

I will still post my "to-go" places in Thailand, not just Bangkok so stay tuned to those old post, as my Jan will be so free. LOL. I will be having more and more vacations in 2016 ! Some places of recommendations pleaseeee ! I'm so sure to go Korea at end of next year, and my irritating company will be having a retreat to Korea, but I'm not more than 1 year in this company (bloody hell, I still work like dog bees right?!)

5. The 21st Planning

This is something I have think for the longest time ever, but have not plan it out yet. Okay, so finally I decided to have one, with my mum as well, as she is a leap year baby. The #awkward moment when she is 12 and you are 21, but she is your mum #doesitevenmakesense?! 

Please whatsapp or comment some suggestion for location, which can stayover as well !! Not thinking of a really big big space, cause I doubt I will invite a lot of people, as my friends of circle reduce 50% after I started working. But the cute thing is that, my mum has friends as well, so ya~

6. Self-motivation 

Can you believe it when I say I could watch drama for the whole damn day, yet I could work at home continuously from 9am till 3pm, without even slacking?! But of course, I end working after that, hahahahs ! Cause lunch time will be 4pm, and I guess all those slacking would add up to 1 hour which will be 5pm.

When you know you need to clear them, you need to clear them. One incident when everything started pilling up, I cried feeling panicky for that night - FML I know the shit is real. I started to pick up podcast of listening to TED (not that teddy bear TED). TED is like a company with many different types of videos worth listening to, perhaps you want to start off with THIS ! It was really improving my mindset, with of course quote wallpapers (if you follow my snapchat, you would have seen them !).

That's all with all I could think of right now, I really thank people like you who still bother to look at this page, and I will plan up my life and this space to have more time for it ! PS/: my school is only mon-wed !! *hands-up*

Have a Happy New Year !