The MUST visit in Taipei !

Hey everyone, yes this is like a year (not really, because I'm still not a year full-time staff) vacation ! Like to clear some of these draft posts before my new posts, thus posting this and Thailand post soon!

Let's Fly ! 

- First stop: Accommodation -

We actually Airbnb this apartment, could see more in my previous vlog (which I will link it down below). It was really clean and white, just that the stupid water couldn't control its PMS, hot-cold-hot-cold, seriously?! 

Actually, I was filming my vacation makeup items, but my camera was really bad and I deleted the whole file (which I'm pretty regret now, thought I might able to produce something out of it). But sure glad to say that we two have a day off from all those walking, cause I was really not feeling too well then. 

Location: Xi Men Ding

- Second Stop: Breakfast - 

Perhaps you would like some old delight breakfast, where everyone says it is a must to have soybean milk and dough-stick in Taiwan. This shop is pretty famous for that, and I could taste why. Because its soybean milk doesn't have the aftertaste, where it feel like it has residue left. Also, the dough-stick is fry upon order, or perhaps too many customers !

It is just at the corner of Xi Meng Ding, ask around and you will get there !

Want some fancy pancy breakfast? This is 100X better than Ah Zong Mee Sua ! A walkable distance from "Long Shan" MRT station, a station after Xi Men Ding Station. 99% locals, and it is introduced by our driver, so of course it is real good !

Thick pork intestine and oyster, and big bowl of Mee Sua, ensure your whole day will be great and fresh !

Location: Ji Mee Sua (陳記專業蚵仔麵線) at No. 166, Section 3, Heping W Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

- Third Stop: Dan Shui / Fisherman Wharf -

Dan Shui is an amazing place to walk around, with great #ootd #coupleshot here ! We took bus instead of ferry from Dan Shui MRT station to the lover's bridge, as it was raining really heavily before that and there isn't any ferry around.

there is also a sort of marketplace, where u could buy their famous iron egg !


BY MRT&BUS: From Red Line 2 Tamsui Station, take bus Red 26, 836 or 857 towards Fisherman's Wharf.

BY BOAT: Ferries operate between the wharf and Tamsui Old Street, Bali, and Dadaocheng ferry pier in Taipei City (located next to Yellow Line 4 Daqiaotou MRT Station) or Zhongxiao Wharf in New Taipei City. Swipe an easycard and board the boat.

Afterwhich, we went back to Dan Shui MRT station, as it has this old street where there is a lot of things to see, also it has this strange museum ! Gosh, that time my tongue could touch my nose, it no longer can do that now ! hahahhas !

Also, the must-eat Legendary noodle is also found here !

Price for Strange Museum: NT$70 per pax

- Fourth Stop: Hot Spring - 

I would say this is one of the mosttttt relaxing moment ever in this whole trip, it just lack of someone helping you to massage ! Hahahs ! It wasn't really cheap, as we opt for private room cause the public one is fully naked, like O.O

We went to Bei Tou for this, and it has hot and cold spring, and talking about life with this crazy girl while switching from hot to cold, cold to hot. Gosh, those days was really great man !

Private Hot Spring Room is for 2 pax. No gender restriction. 
Weekdays/Weekends - NT1150/90 mins / NT1350/90mins

Reservations are not accepted.

Location: No. 3, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District 

- Fifth Stop:  Taipei 101 - 

When we were there, the weather is quite bad, and going up = seeing only fog. Thus, we didn't head up, despite going there twice. But oh well, we managed to get great food which is ICE MONSTER !

Couldn't really recall which is my favourite, but the ice was sooooo fine and melts inside your mouth. The ice has the flavour too, with many ingredients come with it ! We ordered like 3 or 4, sharing between 6 of us !

Location: Just ask around where is Ding Tai Feng's building, and it is on the second or third floor. Also, THERE IS H&M ! hahahhas

- Last Stop: Watch my vlogs - 

There is sooo much images I deleted or couldn't take, thus, all is well recorded inside my vlog. If you didn't get to watch it, please watch it now. And see my old face, LOL. "Like" my vlog and remember to subscribe !

Tata, much loved !