The habitat cafe

Hello, Human beings! Ape-y New Year! *claps claps claps*
How's everyone's New Year? Mine was undoubtedly bored as we couldn't go for vacation due to me having no passport! :( 

But I do enjoy the sleep, eat, sleep eat during these days, and I finally vlog about my post-surgery video! Will do a blog spot about that too! How time flies, it's a month already! :O

So during my hospitalisation leave, I managed to head out to Upper Thomson on a rainy day to have a mini celebration for my friend, and perhaps the most epic convo. was...

Her: "Raining leh, be careful"
Me: "Don't worry, I'm carrying 15k on my face"


But anyway, we decided to habitat in the habitat which is super cozy on a rainy day!

We both order the brunch menu because I couldn't eat anything that is hard then, and the speed I'm eating. I couldn't even imagine that.


There are really generous salmon chunks inside this dish, as every scoop, there will be salmon! The truffle taste is not really that strong, but it add the savoury taste to the egg too! Oh, I forget about the little bits of spiced potatoes on top of scrambled egg. The scrambled egg isn't those watery type, but still greater than those I cook at home *dang*

The bread is soooo soft that I could bite it *yay* like something worth to be proud of then. 


The mini hash brown has this crispy outer skin and a soft inside. While the sausage is a simply thick chicken sausage, which I need to cut it for more than 3 times for a slice.

A really good cafe to chill and chit chat with your friend, with just the famous Thomson road in front of the cafe, which is damn nice to have an ice cream!

Address: 223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355