Not sure what I'm feeling for this short and tiring week. I have too many pends on hand, but too tired to even do them. Having school from Monday to Wednesday is even more draining than on a weekend. But who doesn't want to have a whole day resting or rushing for works?

Now I would really need some energy from maybe the sky, the ground or anywhere to get myself working on all sorts of projects for school, and a Sunday 21st party (not even know what to expect by the way..). Also, with my admin heading off the office, and I have to handle the invoices and other kinds of stuff for March. I just can't see how bright my March will be, by the way, April would be the exam month for me and everything might just collapse before I even die.

But I really hope everything will be great, and I have the energy to pull it through despite the need of staying up late every.single.night. This must be worth it, this will be worthy.

Tata, hoping your week isn't any tiring as mine, but I will continue updating this space with my upcoming 21st blog post (please just wait till my hectic days are over).

So stay tuned to some schedule posts!