Travel often with free samples !

Hello beautiful human beings ! Do you always have the travelling illness that is currently hitting Singapore? I don't know about you, but I need a getaway from all those hectic moments in my life !

Before travelling, let's rewind to back to packing of luaggages, like to most dread moment right? I always head over to this trusty website to get all those flat sample items for my travel trip !

I bet most of you have heard about SampleStore before right? If you haven't, it is actually the First and Top Tryvertising Platform in Singapore ! I love how writing simple and genuine review will reward you moreeee points to redeem FREE samples. (okay, if you guys have not know, I actually love samples and free stuff. I mean who don't like it right ?! hahaahs)

Just five simple steps and you can get FREE samples ! 

Simply click HERE to register as members for free, and there will able to register for free ! And just click any items you may want to put inside your cart, then sign out ! Whenever you have points, you may get your samples for free ! And I simply love that system !

I have gotten pretty much of my travel items from Samplestore and it makes packing so much easier or thinner, especially those lotion or CC creams !! That's what I usually redeem them !

You may also follow SampleStore IG or FB for more of their giveaays or sample launch, so you can get it befoe it's gone ! If I'm not wrong, they actually just have a few hundred samples for each product ! So obviously the first u redeem, the better it is !

Also, they have mobile app too, to check all the sample anytime anywhere ! So what are you waiting for ?! Simply click HERE to register as members for free !