Hi there, my inner souls!

These few days, I have been reflecting about why others could seem so successful? Then again, I looked at myself and wondering why have I started losing all my motivation and procrastinating.

Ever since my 3weeks long hospitalisation leave, I started to procrastinate more and don't even have the effort to work despite going back to work. Everything just seems to be running so fast, yet I'm not even moving an inch.

Every day I told myself that I need to get my projects, work and blog done, but towards the end of the day, nothing but watching tv or sleeping is done. I started planning my daily schedule, but I didn't even do what I have planned.

Nowadays I always tell people, it's the era to work smart and not hard. But till today, I realised that is an excuse for not even working until the last minute. Usually, I tend to give myself a ton of excuses, until the day before the deadline and always remind myself I shouldn't do that next semester but you know a leopard couldn't change its spot. But this is a habit that I always wanted to change or remove in my life.

I wanted to live a life that is too full to even have the time to repeat the same story to different people. Having the drive to challenge myself in different things and not just staying home and rot.

There is so much I wanted to do and try but procrastination always beat me hands down. So really, is working hard not useful? Because I once read this sentence "talent without hard work is nothing compare to a hard work without talent". I won't say I'm a talented in any area, which means that is worst than any other human beings in this world, because neither do I have hard work nor talents.

I think there should be a time when we enjoy ourselves in this festive season, but always consistently reminds ourselves not to procrastinate what we ought to do.

"Procrastinate Procrastination"