Post-underbite Surgery

Hello Human beings!

So I'm really excited to share this post with everyone out there! Especially when there are a few readers asked about it! I have been thinking how to structure it, but it seems pretty hard so let me start with my daily look! Haha!

P.S:/ The image quality might be from bad to suck, but just bare with me. Cause no one has the mood to take pictures when you are all drowsy and cannot talk.

This is my before picture, and I was sick so the surgery delayed for a month which because 4th Jan 2016! Like a new year, new face! Lol !

I was teeth shut for a week, or should I say 10 days with the real bad antibiotics that I used this to pump it in. The picture was actually a prove to my mum that I ate my medicine T.T

After the surgery, there is like a tube to my nose. This time round after the surgery, it was super warm instead of cold. Worst, I couldn't open my mouth and feel like my throat was super uncomfortable. The tube was to suck the blood as it was a 5 hours surgery. 

My whole face was swelling like really big, and it was like my worst face ever. My eyes became half of my eyes, and it was all like dizzy but it was so much better to sleep at home than in the hospital, cause the uncle beside must pee, and his dick just doesn't work with him! OMG.

Oh, and that is like a blood stain after my vomiting of blood, but no worries for people who want to go for the surgery. It totally feels better than normal vomit, cause u don't open your mouth. The wound was bleeding pretty bad at the start, but it turns to a mini hole like in my vlog.

Just showing you my most unglam moment, now I feel so much confidence even with my specs. Cause I saw the pig face of mine before so... #nothingwilllooksworstthanthat.

It turns out to be much better than this face, it started to subside so I should show you some Snapchat I took while having my #hellweek.

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So Let's continue my disgusting story.

My whole neck and face having the internal bleeding due to the pipes and of course the surgery.

As said my teeth were shut and it is like this, with my lips are soooooo easy to pull it off. I love it actually, hahahas! Oh, and lip balm was like a super important thing in my life, in another post, I will share my most loved lip balms!

After the 10 days! 

So after the 10 days, I changed the rubber band sequence, and this could be tied by myself. I thought I could eat solid food right after I removed the rubber bands, but no, even opening my mouth was so scary! 

And smiling because the second most fake thing I ever did, hahas! It was real truely from my heart, just that my face wasn't corporate with me 

After every visit, my mouth got a little bigger and better I guess? Everyone was like," omg tiff, you sound so much gentle now!" lol

How I started brushing my teeth, it was when I'm muted, and I used like 0.5 to 2 yrs old toothbrush, but now I have upgrade to 3-5 years old. 

Please do comments any positive words, encouragement (because I still love them) and any questions. I would do another vlog of a full QnA about jaw surgery.

Lastly, this is what I really really wanted to tell people with underbite; it's okay to want to looks like normal people. I started to do this blog and vlog because I started watching others vlog regarding this, and it gave me so much confidences that I wanted to look normal and having someone that reminds me that I am not alone. 

I really hope this blog/vlog will encourage you as much as it does to me. 

Here is my vlog to encourage some of you guys! *loved*