Camera ups for these places in USS !

Hello humans ! Welcome back to my blogggg on USS, some of the real good locations to snap some #ootd to worth every penny that u paid to head inside USS.

1. Hollywood theme

Who doesn't want to be atas and have a trip to hollywood? While saving up more money, have a picture taken at the hollywood theme first !

2. Near the Hollywood theme

There is a small walkway where it seems that every instagram star will take image there, so why not right ?!

I guess, this is my current favourite post after my taiwan trip, where i just chill and use my phone. But in reality, I would rather use my phone while lying down. And do you know that I do have a fetish for wooden boxes? Like I really want to get one home ever since when I work at F1 and I saw the big wooden box.. hahhhas

3. Near the lost world

It was really pretty to take some image over here, like really the lost world feeling, with my baxmax of course ! hahahs !

Helping omma to take those look far away shots, and it doesn't even looks like Singapore right?!

4. Near Sci-Fi City 

This was pretty new, as the previous time (like 2 years ago) I didn't see this part of uss, or is it me who is cock-eyed.

You may be thick-skinned to like catch some bubbles when the guy was blowing it ! AHAHS ! okay, it was really candid to the point where I look fugly and refuse to take another one ! Because my skin ain't that thick after all and got judged for quite a few images, if you can spot them !

4. Far Far away

The second sis said this was the mandatory shot if you come into USS, thus, we obviously took it with millions of people walking past you thinking what are you doing. But coming to USS means, you are a tourist, so bonjour~

5. Starbucks

Yes my favourite store is also in USS ! *yay* I gotten a free drink and cake thanks to my birthday ! Hahahs ! 

Lastly, I hope we all will stay cute together and thank you for always reading this space, despite the owner is lazy af.