Local university, private uni or part time uni? #ThoughtsWeekly

Hi Humans ! FINALLY I'M OVER THIS SEM STUDY *dope dope* 

To all my dear friends who are still studying for finals, 

"It's okay, holidays are coming, but mine comes first, MUHAHAHS."

And for you people who are heading to university after polytechnic, here's are my thoughts based on what I have been through it for a whole year and after listening to what all my friends say about their studies. Don't think I'm highly qualified to answer, but I'm going to do it anyway *okay, I'm kinda addicted to Buzzfeed*

So let me start off with what I'm doing now. Almost the whole world knows that I'm a marketing executive in Zingrill Holding, which holds five brands and yes, all those things you see on your Facebook pages, it's posted by yours truly. Also, I am studying Bachelor of Business Management at RMIT. That is a wonderful course for part-timers anyway. 

Full-time working + Part-time Studying in Private University

Congratulations, this might be one of the toughest journeys in your life to manage two things at a go, but if you can go through it, you can make it for anything. LOL, I'm not indirectly self-praising but really.

Firstly, Full-time job. You need to really go hunt for it during the holidays before graduating for polytechnic because jobs do not drop from the sky (except you are so rich and parents own a company).  

And if you are thinking of searching for a job after you have your poly cert, then it's too late. Because hardworking people will snatch those jobs before you even graduate and usually, the population that starts finding jobs are higher after graduation. Because everyone just procrastinates till they could not procrastinate.. anymore. 

For work, you would need to inform your company during the interview that you do want to go for part-time uni, then they would decide whether you would want it or not. Otherwise, they might just bite you and don't let you go school ! HAHAS, usually I think an organisation would allow but you might be fast and effective on clearing your jobs before school starts because that means no OT. 

Secondly, part-time school. You may know something, if you are someone who has a low energy level, then just go full-time school because lessons are from 7pm until 10pm, and 3 times a week. 95% of the time, you will be eating dinner, zoning out and wanting to skip school. So this path is really for those people with determination, like 80% of the working adults in my class (that doesn't include me because I need the money from working. Hahas) 

Schools like RMIT who has three months holiday after every final are so dope ! Because giving yourself a mini break is required despite having to work. Also, if you know that you could not get honour if you don't study well, then don't go for schools that have  first-class honours and all, because it just makes your cert looks shitty. 

But what's the benefit of this? You are so much richer than your friend, okay, if you're 21 years old and don't anyhow spend, but still every semester the school will suck your money anyway. Also, you have working experience, which is 95% of the companies are looking out for during a job interview. 

Local University

This might be the path 95% of the poly students are aiming, I mean who doesn't want to get into a well-recognised school and heading out to CBD area for work. Thinking everything will be smooth sailing, like what will be worst than poly right? When there are lesser modules. But think again. Yes, everything will collapse down, even more, as most of my local uni friends are those top few in my cohort, still they are struggling like made in Local university.

Local uni is not only studying but also socialise with other human beings, and there are so much more JC students who are nerd-ing two years in JC which mean that they are better on focusing on mugging and tougher competition than poly. So ya, they are kinda more pros than poly student and most of the poly student are trying hard to survive, but of course, you could make it ! Just the grades that matter ! 

If you feeling depressed, just let me remind you, your grades don't affect your salary. All that affect your future is your working attitude, and yourself. 

But as a professional, I would tell you don't regret if you really chosen local universities because it's your choice so make the full use out of your school life. After all, that is your last phase in school, except you, are heading up to Master or Ph.D.

Private University

Private universities are 95% similar to part-time private universities, just that instead of 3modules, they have 4modules (for RMIT) and you may snatch your timeslot to squeeze all in two days ! Usually, Private universities are still stressful, especially UOL. Please do believe me when I say that university is harder than poly, especially private uni when there are only lectures (not sure about the other school, but that's for RMIT and UOL). Paying attention to lecturers is the only way to pass. Also, don't be dishearten if you didn't make many friends because it is a lecture style, so if you are not extrovert enough, you only have a handful or less than a handful of friends. But don't worry, those projects will save you from those loneliness (unless you're in the school that has no project, then you better target people that sits alone).

Lastly, despite whatever road you take, just remember that each module cost you about $1.8k or more, so if you decided to be some lazy ass who don't study, think again. That Instagram image that I shared in the introduction, yes I spent additional $1.8k for that module #soregret.

Tata from now, and hope that you enjoy your university route