Clozette 5th Birthday

Hello Ladies and maybe gentlemen ! Welcome back to my blogg ! I took some time to have some breather for work, as during my exam week I literally stop working so much and of course everything started piling up and clearing all those with some k-drama series (LIKE DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN) *heart-shape eye emjo* 

So I'm back after all those RaRa and BoBo (I don't even know what they means alright). With a 3 months holiday, I shall start blogging , cancelled because every.single.time I said this, it wouldn't happen. HAHAS

After my last paper, I managed to head over to Clozette Style Party, and as blur as now, I feel couldn't believe I am clozette star and gotten a seat for this fashion show ! Woohoo ! Hahahs ! It was hosted at Suntec City, and was really hypesss ! 

There are many booths that makes the event such a well planned and organised one ! Really like how I managed to get my coffee intake after the lacking of sleep for exam the night before. And of course, who can I hang out with after exam right? Hahahs

Has always been a fan of laneige because currently I'm using their BB cushion, and I could say it stay on my face pretty well, except when my face is super duper dry then it could hold on to the BB cream.

Totally, wan-jong, LOVING the two tone lipstick !! Megan demo on Sunny how to use it as eye shadow too ! It was like so cool !

Also, they have a flat lay counter for some mini hype competition, but some lazy ass girl decided to post on her blog and forget about the competition~~ lalalalala~~

Last but not least, they of course have a fashion runway, how could they not have when it's a style party right?! Every ladies looking so great with asos new summer/spring series !

Of course, thick skin af, I managed to have a mni convo with the bloggers and took some images ! I didn't know Megan, but I decided to watch her channel because in real life, she is really gorgeous !

TaTa and hope you enjoy my mini updates ! 
#yes, I completed my promise on my snapchat ! Heehes