Standing Sushi Bar

Hello Nommies ! I'm back with another review of food ! Missing the little corner that I kept all the food records, so obviously that is the reason why I'm back here ! LOL.

A small corner near Raffles place station and they are about to close because it's raffles place, like hype in the morning, bars at night. They have a partnership with OCBC then, with a 1-for-1 deal on certain items, so obviously I took that deal with the insanely crazy amount of food that we almost couldn't finish.

 All Salmon All The Time - $16.90

Under The Sea - $18.90

Both the sushi have to be my favourite, especially the Under the Sea ! Both was super duper huge, or i'm not sure whether my mouth became smaller, but anyways, it was really good ! 

Under The Sea has torched scallop lying on top of the sushi (I just ate it by itself anyway, way too huge to fit) and loving Mentaiko sauce after tasting sushi express new dish then. With avocado, crabstick and cucumber as the filling, trust me when I say the avocado blended really well with the sushi as I'm someone weird who dislike the raw avocado taste and obviously they used the Japanese type of cucumber which was really enjoyable (I'm not sure are we calling them zucchini, but ya). 

While All Salmon All the time was equally awesome, but the fish eggs kept dropping out when I tried to eat them ! LOL ! Surprisingly with the yuzu mayo, it has this really like light and refreshing taste. Yuzu has been my favourite after I started working with Zingrill, as we have Chef's Noodle which has Yuzu tea, that's why I could remember the taste ! The salmon basically wrap the whole sushi and the avocado fit in really nicely too ! 

 Gyu Don - $21

Yakiniku Don - $20

Obviously, this is the craze craze part where two young ladies ate another two bowls of rice but I have to say it's called a sushi bar for some good reasons. The Yakiniku I only ate one huge mouthful, which taste pretty like yoshinoya beef bowl rice, and some disappointment when the egg is not super runny type.

As for the Gyu Don, the beef was more like a rare-medium, which means 60% rare and 40% medium, thus, it has this really beefy aftertaste and there so much iron taste in it. The meat was pretty chewy and matches well when you tried wrapping it with the rice.

They also offered wholegrain rice, in case you're health conscious !

Lastly, their ambiance is really quite good to chill and have some good alcohol ! As raffles place doesn't have much crowds at night, thus, eating slowly and chill is welcomed I guess.

Address: 8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-51 Marina Bay Link Mall, 018984