Don't feel that your parents hate you

Friday we look out for Tweekly ! *hands up !*

Have you always thought that your parents don't like you? Didn't spend enough time with you when you're younger, or, why they are always not around by your side?

Perhaps, children these days don't feel that as compared to children of the 90s. I still vividly remember that our parents would head out for work before we even wake up, and we would excitingly wait for them to come home when it's 9pm because they own a business and the contact time is really little.

What makes me upset was that they always lie to me, they promise to bring me to their shop but failed. I remembered calling my mum and started crying, and their then-shop number was 62829743 ! HAHAHHS That's how badly I kept calling them !

In Primary school and Secondary school, I'm not the child who consistently seeking attention from my parents, because I always felt unwanted in this family. My siblings always tell me that I'm from the rubbish bin and mean comments. So.. ya, I guess it's just me who feel that I'm an outsider in my family.

But, after my jaw surgery, I feel that my parents do care about me, and love me. The very first time my mum actually kissed me on my forehead when I'm in the hospital. Taking good care of me after I was discharged, and when I'm muted, somehow I became the princess of the family. LOL.

After watching the return of superman, where the father knows everything about the child, but the child doesn't know much about the father. It was a little sad to watch those parts because it was relatable. For parents who are born in the baby boomer or earlier, they hardly express themselves out. "I Love You" seems impossible to come out from their mouth. Even my hipper parents don't say that to me, despite me saying it often.

Our parents do love us, but we often feel the other way as they are too busy for work and we are often neglected when we are younger. However, when there is no one beside you, your parents will be the first one to help you out in all sort of things, including driving you to school when you're late for your test.

Things that they do are not huge, but those little small actions that they did are often neglected by us as well. We need to start appreciating the smaller simplest details before starting to feel that we ain't being loved as much.

Treat your parents well, as you would not know when the relationship will be gone and holding their hands or speaking to them is impossible.