Heroine make - For a longer lash !

Hello guys ! Welcome back to my blog~~ Has been really active in blogging uh ! Hahahs ! This is my little magic kit if you were to ask me. Scroll to all the way down to win yours from their FB site ! 

So very long ago, I guess it's like two years? They launched their very first version of their new kiss me heroine make long & Curl mascara and it totally buys my heart away ! Because it's freaking awesome waterproof and super smudge proof ! 

So the very first version, it's already waterproof and smudges proof but I think the advanced version, which is this, has a little less clumping and easy removal. I have to admit that the previous one was harder to remove and it do clump, this one has lesser. It still needs to use oil-based removal.

Also, because I have like kinda single eyelid, so smudge of mascara is like holy. This really has almost zero smudges, and if you accidentally put it on your eyelid, it's better to remove it instantly with a wet tissue and it will be gone super quickly.

I have tried different brands of mascara and I must say this is one that I REALLY LOVE IT !

It has a pretty fine brush , and did I missed out that the advance one has this pretty chio handle for the wand? Now you notice it ! It has both sides, but I only use the one with the bigger brushes, because I have clumsy hands which mean more unnecessary makeup on my face.

Also, this is super duper smudge and waterproof because I was lazy to remove it and wore it for the sundown marathon, and it stayed up whole night till I get home. If you follow me on snap chat, you would know I send my sister off to Australia and guess what, I wasn't feeling well and fall asleep on my sofa even before I remove my mascara, I know we shouldn't do that. No smudge, just a few lashes came off while I removed it T.T

A little trick for you girls who has big eyes and single eyelids, do try to put mascara daily or often do it like "open up" your eyes literally, and somehow your eyelid fold will become more obviously.

Also, try smudging some of the mascara on your waterline, or near the end of your lash, because it will look like you have eyeliner on, and that gives you additional 5 mins of the morning sleeping time ! YAY !

For this one, I won it from heroine make's FB giveaway (lucky kid) ! They are giving away another 100 magic wand, so do try your luck ! When I try it, it didn't have much much more than 100 people to like and share, and obviously I could win it ! 

As this is a free one, thus, I'm not too sure how much was it. The previous one I have gotten was about $20+. No matter what, I will get a new one after this and hopefully it could last as long as the previous one !

Tata, love you and bye~