P.S Cafe - Dempsey Hill

Bellllo Nommies ! Please bear with me when you scroll and see how long this meal was, but I guess good food has no expire date! Hehehs~

My first dining experience in P.S Cafe - Dempsey Hill, I must say that the location is super inaccessible but the overall ambiance is really pleasant, they have both indoor and outdoor. If you don't have sweet blood, just take the outdoor seat, it's not super duper warm but it's has a really good chit chatting mood, with some light wine~

The food was pretty pricey, as P.S cafe mainly open at those CBD areas and atas area, thus the price is als quite steep. But I must say that the portion is a really good portioning. Even big eater like me having a really good and full time with just a plate of pasta.

Had some white bouquet sangria, which is about $9.90 ? I couldn't really remember but it's pretty alright. Initially, it has more of the alcohol taste, and the lychee taste but after awhile it has more of the chrysanthemum flower taste which personally I don't fancy it.

If I could recollect correctly, mine is flamed prawn tortiglioni, which has tiger prawn and this weird chargrilled baguette, that is way too tough for me to bite it apart.

But I couldn't remember the top one, which has this really unique creamy taste despite its tomato based.

Heard that their signature are the truffle fries, so do try it out if you're there !

Tata, see you and bye~