Jackpot K Seafood & Cheese BBQ Buffet

Hellllllowww my dearest NOMMIES !! Do you miss me? Because I definitely miss you guys whenever I'm eating good fooood ! 

I know it's been super duper long since I blog about food places, or any good food but pardon me if this picture or the upcoming food pictures ain't as great, because I have forgotten to bring my camera, and only could use my phone to capture those moments. Having like super much thoughts about it, and decided to give it all a post too ! Otherwise, it's too selfish of myself, beside I keep records of food I ate. 

So here we go~  

It's super crowd and reservation is not good enough, as we're late for about 10mins and the waiter just try to shoo us away by saying they don't have any seats and the fastest would be an hour... Like.. I'm already famishing.... 

But we don't have any other place to dine at because even the Mookata has even longer queue, so we decided to be patience and stood there. Once we show how loyal we are, their service became top notch! That same waiter was like, there's a table leaving, and keep asking you to wait. Like suddenly so polite you know ~ 

Their food are mainly seafood, they have crabs, crayfish and some others, which might not be represented best from this image. Because it's like 11pm when I took it, as the craze craze crowd makes me feel a little embarrassed to take the food. Also, the space is pretty constrained and many people are waiting for the food. 

The best part is that the service staff would ask if you would like to have salmon and oyster as they serve it from the fridge, so you could eat it raw. We ate the oyster raw but not really the salmon, and yes, we didn't have any issues. Just that the oyster has to depend on who serve you, because the first guy gave really clean one without shell but the other guy didn't do such a great job.

Also, it has kimchi, taste not really crunchy and the squid which I totally adore it! 

As for the meat, the sirloin is pretty thick to the point my braces can't bite through it, and we don't dare to cook it mid rare as it's not from the fridge but out for pretty long. While, they serve like seaweed chicken and dumpling, which is for after the main course type, I feel.

Best part, it has cheese (mainly nachos and cheddar for the pulling) and egg on the cooking pan ! The staff pretty alert to see your cheese/egg finish and topped up for you ! 

Overall, great place to chill out with a gang of good eaters, as they don't have time limit and their drinks which are can drinks are free-flow. Price are pretty acceptable, if you are looking at a Friday Night timeslot which is $38nett per pax. Just drink 38 cans of drink, you get back the money already.