Laneige - water science mist

Helllllo Humans ! It's beauty time again ! Every Saturday is like a stay-home day for me and since I have nothing better to do, I decided to do some review products as time goes by !

I was dressed up for a video for "What's in my bag" but I looked oddly weird, so the re-take will be soon when I decide to video about it ! Hahahs ! #letsdiscardfakepromises

I have been quite a fan of laneige for its bb cushion, as it is pretty long lasting in terms of product usage and staying on your face. But it makes my wallet a hole every single time I purchase it T.T .

I have gotten this water science mist for whitening from #clozettestyleparty (go search the # on IG to see the awesome event), and I have been replacing this as my toner.

Using it as a toner, it build up moisture for my face, despite having such humid weather, it actually feels pretty light and comfortable ! Especially useful for those people who have dry or flaky skin, as this is hydro iron mineral water.

This water mist is so gentle till the point where you feel you're under those mist fan, it's in-between shiok and refreshing ! hahaas ! Usually, I will use 4 sprays every time after I washed my face, because I have a huge ass face and need to feel the product on my face. Shake well before you spray it ya  !

Having almost zero makeup on my face on a daily basis, this is really effective for me, because it does give your face this clear and bright look ! And I do realise that I'm having lesser pimple outbreak, despite having the stress month before June. I'm those type of lazy human who do not put a mask on my face before bed due to the fact I need to throw them away (that's why I use sleeping mask sometimes). I believe this is highly credible to this product (because I only use this and sunblock).

Lastly, this is super berry antioxidant, as it has 4 times more anti-oxidant effects than vitamin C, now I feel that my skin is healthier than my body, LOL. 

Do comment down what are the items you would me to review on, currently I'm only writing products I'm using and feel it's really good for my skin. As everyone has different types of skin, so the result may differ ya ! 

Tata, see you and goodbye !