Shiseido - Perfect UV Protector

Going to try out having an It's Beauty Saturday, and Tweekly Friday, but they will be on a different week like duh right? Becuase I'm too busy, but these days no human date me on a Saturday so I'm able to take some images and blog about it. If any product you would like me to try, do comment and I will try to get (not so expensive) product to review !

Loving my cousin who introduces this new sunblock to me ! It's from Shiseido and it's really water resistant !

I cannot tell if it's really protecting me from the sun, but when my whole body was sunburned despite having a sunblock of SPA 30+, I believe that it did protect me well enough so that my face don't even turn black.

Also, it's really water resistant because I often walked under the rain like some hero, and I could feel the rain or even my sweat did not have any sunblock coming out. Best thing is that, it feel like you face is not putting any thing on !

Usually, I put about 10-20 cents much of sunblock on my face and neck and it spread really evenly, and I think this product do makes me looks a little fairer after I've put it for a period of time. Not sure if it's due to this protecting my face or my body is being neglected... hmmm...

Overall, I really love this product, the only downside is that it's only 50ml and costing about $50+, which is quite painful but this product could last pretty long. I think the previous time it lasted about 6 months? Not really super sure could be longer or shorter. 

Also, if you put way too much, it doesn't leave a sticky feeling, just over exposure on your face, which means way too white. Personally, I don't put any bb cushion on a daily basis, thus, I invest in good sunblock. The previous one was good as well, but switching brand because that I have to head to search high and low, and that one will leave bits if I don't exfoliate my face. 

Tata, love you and bye~