Tweekly; A letter to myself

Hey Tiff,

I have been thinking much of writing a letter to myself, after my surgery, where I feel so depressed with my mouth shut and I could not eat any solid food. But everything will be fine, everything will be so much better after the surgery.

I wanted to have the surgery since 17, but when the time is reaching, I fear for everything. There is still so many things I have yet to do, yet to explore. What if everything doesn't turn out to be what I have predicted ? But since you are reading it right now, you survived everything, and you would heal well as you are strong.

Remember you wanted this one-month good break from school and work? Trying to use this one month to plan for upcoming blog posts, where a blog isn't all about sponsored and advertised posts but really why I started this blog. I started this blog with sole reasons of viewing back and laughed about the good and silly moments I had with humans around me (just pardon me, but I love to use the word "human beings/ humans" these days). 

Readership isn't everything in this blog, what's truly important is the kind of posts. I always wanted to have different good categories, and Tweekly is one that I really appreciated (okay, been telling myself this 100 and 1 times). Food posts are always one of my favourite one, followed by recipes too ! I really hope I could do up a vlog category on traveling and food hoping, which I could reach to my dream job. Okay, my dream job is something that someone might think that it's silly or stupid, but if I get to earn and enjoy it, why not right. 

I really hope to bring back the passion, and not being so lazy after work. This whole month, let's work on something that you have always fear, that you always avoid. No one could ever make you feel it's like your worst day anymore because the worst has passed. If you continue to stay there, you will just feel everything is full of obstacles. 

It's okay to fall, but not okay to give up. It might be tired, but there are days where you will find every effort is worth it. What you need now is non-stop giving up. This month will be good, the pain is worth it as wounds will heal well. 

In the month of November, I met up with many of the human beings that I'm closed to. I've always been glad that they are willing to even ask and concern about me. Let's not take people for granted, especially your bff, because even he act like your mother, but that's how you know someone cares.

Lastly, don't regret and be fickle minded about each decision you made from now on because no one will support someone who always change their mind in something. Treat every job with pride, because they will be your artwork that speaks about you. 

Written on 30th November 2015; supposed to post date; 10th Dec 2015.


This was supposed to be out before my very first surgery, which failed so I hold it back. Reading it now, makes me think a lot about this whole 6 months. And I didn't really enjoy the whole 3 weeks of breaks, cause I worked on and off...

But let's appreciate and works towards our goals !

Tata, love you and bye~