For Team Dark Circle !

Hi Guys ! If you unknowingly clicked into this post, this just means one thing.. You need to sleep more ! LoL 

Okay, so I have take up the challenge from Samplestore and join the #karmartABBCbySampleStore blogger contest, without really having the thoughts of winning but having fun is more important. If I look weird, it's pretty normal. This means I'm having fun ! 

So I tried out two items, which are:

Water Splash -

Holy, this do help to make one become fairer, holy, just look at my vlog you will see how fair I have become! Almost become snow white man ! What's best is that it actually lasted all the way for my sundown marathon, because *ahem* I'm that lazy. My cousin though I wasn't feeling well cause it looked too white, and I think I put way too much for the vlog ! hahahs !

Berry Yoghurt - 

Not going to lie that I'm saving the last pack for my Japan trip at end of July, but just watch the vlog, you will know how amazing this product it ! Although like I have said it many many times, it's a contest but you know how honest I'm right guys ! Also, I joined this contest it's just an exposure because I have never do a vlog on makeup items before, so like you know everything needs to try out.

But this is something you need to try out, to remove your panda eyes ! hahahs !
Do comment in my blog/ youtube channel if I do a good job ya, or even like and subscribe because you know the next video might be my trip to Japan !

Tata, love you and bye~