Media Invite: Horizon Bistronomy

Hello my nommies, your favourite session is back ! Trying to organise a Monday Nommies session in this blog. Thus, we are all organised, but if there are more posts, who knows it might take up the other left over weekdays slot too ! 

Today, we will be a little more atas *suit up* with Horizon Bistronomy, it's a media invite, and being thick skinned I signed up for it! hahhas ! Also, thank you for the team for an amazing experience ! 

So....without more nagging, LET'S GO ! 

Horizon Bistronomy is at another part of Singapore, which I have never been there before ! It's two stations away from harbourfront (labrador park MRT). It's really spacious, as in, not many buildings around and it's really pretty great to take #ootd at the alfresco area , #justsayingya.

Let's get the menu started ! By the way, I blogging this at 12:05 am which means I'm hungry right now, with my teeth brushed ._.  This menu course is for two !

The Entree:

The Heritage Canape: Curry Chicken Rillettes (Not in Dining Menu)

This entree isn't my favourite one, but it does taste pleasantly well. The base tasted like really crunchy which I believe it is being either oven or fry it, as it is actually made of brioche (a type of bread). With a light herb taste followed by the strong curry taste to end this bite. Not sure if it's just me, but I couldn't really taste the pork meat, but then again, it's shredded into small pieces. 

Consistency: Horizon' Angel Hair ($9.90)

I must say this is my second favourite, and it's my first time eating angel hair, which is the finest pasta above! Mixing the art is the most heart-breaking thing, but it definitely tasted better with all the flavours in ! 

The truffle smell is really lovely, like all those sinful food you going to eat, except this is not that sinful. What I love about this is that it taste really refreshing as it has this smooth taste, like soba. With the soft and fresh crab, and the crispy sakura shrimps, then followed by the popping of the Ikura. Although it sounded like a pretty intense feeling, but trust me, the combination of them taste perfect. 

Simplicity: Egg 63 ($8.90)

With the current food trending the sous vide egg, egg 63 is made of the 63-degree celsius, with crunches of fried enoki mushroom threads and potato puree, and the sauce. This made it even more unique that just a trend.  

When it's mixed together, the potato puree tasted really well with the sauce, but sadly the egg adds a confused taste to it. Perhaps it's the egg yolk already have a strong taste and the sauce also have a strong taste, thus, it clashes between two. The fried mushroom threads soften after the sauce and everything is mixed together. 

Clarification: Tomotato Consomme ($14.80)

To be really really honest, I didn't know the price before I voted for this to be my favourite, but it really tasted good ! The salmon was really fresh and cooked when the hot consomme was poured in. Someone who doesn't like peas could actually finish the whole thing, with the full heart of knowing that consomme was a difficult technique in french cuisine.

Simply love how rich the tomato taste with the slight sweetness of the tomato and the taste of salmon that melts in your mouth !

Main Courses:

Freshness: Blanc ($28.90) 

Fresh halibut, cauliflower puree, daikon, cauliflower, burnt onion, white asparagus.

It's my first time having white asparagus, and totally falling in love with it ! It's tasted so different from the usual green one, with a crunchier and juicier texture, making me thinking twice of stopping my veg diet (ps./ due to my braces ya)

The main consideration is, of course, is the fish, which is fresh halibut in this course. It has a really soft texture, with the strong lemon sauce and burnt onion bringing out the freshness of this dish. And you might be totally surprised that the puree in this dish is actually made out of cauliflower ! It's tasted really different, perhaps it's the simply salt and pepper but it has this smooth texture and loving it despite not eating the real veg, heehees. 

Technical: Pork Belly 2 Ways ($27.90) 

With the crispy skin and the soft meat of the pork belly, this is mainly due to the skill and perhaps 101% patience of the chef, with the 24 hours sous vide of the pork belly.

This dish is mainly savour, however, with the slightly taste of the caramel apple, it actually brings joy to this dish. The puree of this dish is carrot puree, that has a thick carrot tasting and with the literally melts in your mouth's meat and a crispy skin leaving your great impression of wanting to order another plate of it!

2 days are required for this unique dish, as the pork belly are prepared in two ways.l After a 12-hour curing with spices and salt, the meat was cooked for another 18 hours. Then it was cooled and pressed in the fridge for a day before proceeding to portion it. 

Having appreciation to this dish might be one of the much-needed suggestions required. *take up camera and snap*

Dessert - Because U do have the space for that

Deconstruction: Deconstructed Yuzu Cheese Cake ($10.90) 

I have never tried deconstructed dessert before, but this makes me want to try a few variety of them ! I love how we could grab anything more or less in this dish and suit our own liking. I must say that despite being a matcha lover, this doesn't really suit the cake. But overall, I loved this more than anything else !!

I love how the cheesecake could pair so damn well with Yuzu and the white chocolate in this dishes, ahhh cheesecake lover inside screaming ! The cinnamon soil added a little unique taste with this cake, and also pair it with a round of applause ! I grab mainly the cinnamon and the yuzu cheesecake !

*raise hand* a vote from the well-known dessert lover ! Heehes

Reconstruction: Peanut Butter 2016 ($10.90)

I have to say that this peanut butter tasted a little weird, not towards my liking. It has the really strong peanut butter taste, but the cool thing is that there is no real peanut butter being used ! Hahahs! It has this texture that is like tofu and a little hard, with mainly the sauce of chorizo caramel and a slight sweetness of the apple taste ! 

Deception: Orange Soba

The Orange Soba tasted a little like cough syrup obviously the sweetness of it, and the pretty cool noodle that is made out of orange ! But the pity thing is that the aftertaste of the orange is really strong, and it was the bitterness of the orange. 

It makes me want to stop having it, as firstly I'm not a strong fan of the after bitter taste of the orange.

Memories: Milo Truffle, kaya macaroon, mango lollipop, peach pâte de fruit

This might be the second loving dessert I tasted. I love how nostalgia this dish is, having a lollipop, macaroon (which is actually meringue) and the sweet bar with chocolate totally reminds me of what we usually as a child, especially the lollipop and the sweet sugar coded sweet !  

Two additional dishes: 

The sorbet which is made out of lime, mint and cucumber, is really refreshing. Okay, if you're my friend, you will know how I dislike the cucumber taste, but I managed to finish it despite knowing it's a cucumber sorbet. It clears up all those savoury main courses before the sweet one comes in !

Lastly, the really Instagram worthy  shot which is using meringue as the cute droplets, and having some orange skin as a display. I believe it could be eaten because the table beside us cleared it all, but we didn't tried it, lol.

Overall, loving how detailed each dishes are being made with love and passion. Of course with the freshest ingredients, which could be tasted once it touches your tongue !
Some credits for all the team ! Kudos to each and everyone of them ! Always believe that teamwork wins over everything !

Chef Owner, Chris Fong,         Pastry Chef, Kelvin Chia
Garnish Cook, Tan Yew Hao,  Sous Chef, Melvin Yap
Manager / Sommelier, Jacqueline Soh 

Do head over to visit them !

Horizon Bistronomy Alexandra
Address: 456 Alexandra Road NOL Building, Singapore 119 962
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11AM – 11PM
Reservations: +65 6274 3655
Facebook Page (Alexandra): 671236336311936 

Tata, love you and bye~

P.S/ Can you differentiate which one is edible?