Tweekly; unappreciated

Halo my dearest human beings, who enjoy reading this column as much as I do, welcome the negative or positive vibe back.

Recently, I have a lot a lot of thoughts about working in this cruel society. Everyone who cares about you will ask you to cover your own butt while doing work for others, but these people are also the one who consistently reminding how much gaps you showing to others.

Those that always say they care are always the one who shows you their expectations of you. But once you under-performance, they would nag at you what you should keep up. Words are harsher than bullets. They stabled you from inside out until the date you could not accept anymore and resignation might be the choice.

Using your personal time to do work is totally a waste of effort, don't even be stupid to do that when you're out in the corporate society. No one will appreciate, and if you didn't complete it for the team, they will just blame you even further. Everyone thought that their lives in the company are hard, everyone feels that they have overworked themselves. Everyone started caring just for themselves because they feel life is hard for themselves. Walls and walls sheltering them, from anyone who might shoot a bullet at them. But they, themselves, never notice that they also leave a hole in those walls to throw a grenade at others.

Watched "Train to Busan" and most of the adults in there, especially those are well dressed, are always self-centered. Caring no one but themselves, thinking that their destination is the most important one and finding fault in other when other's realise their weakness. It's really a quite good movie to learn from, other than the fact that those zombies just literally flooding out.

However, all in all, I would actually thanked those that care, and those who nag. They make me realise that I could touch the moon as I stretched my potential. Perhaps, I'm just a 21 years old adult who has yet to full grown to be an adult. There might be a harsher road ahead, but I could only continue to learn and improve myself. Once you become stronger, no one can even push you down.

Tata & Love,