Most Instagram-worthy Places in Hokkaido

Who doesn't want to take Insta-worthy images while traveling overseas? Especially after you spent a bomb on flight and accommodations right.

So these are some areas which I feel it's pretty Instagram-worthy for Hokkaido! As my trip covers almost the whole of Hokkaido, and I would not lie that it's pretty rush for all the vlog and images! I went during their summer time, which is July. Their summer was really great, as the weather is only 19 - 22, unlike Singapore.
Without further ado, let's jump into the images!


I have to say that Rishiri Island might be one of the most soul-recovering islands, as everywhere is greenery and if you are not that superb adventurous, you may hike half way through the peak of the mountain and take some Instagram-worthy images along the way!

There is a small stream of water, which is actually spring water! Really refreshing and great to refill your bottle while hiking!

For Ferry Time, Please Click Here


If you plan to head to Rishiri Island, why not drop by Wakkanai too? It has nothing much here except for amazing sunset! A place that is so great for time-lapse or even a silhouette image is so memorizing.

But I have to stay that Wakkanai is 5-6hours away from Sapporo, so you have to be so prepared to go to Rishiri Island, otherwise, it might be a little-wasted trip up.


I think the whole world would have known that Furano and Biei are the most Insta-worthy location in Hokkaido, thanks to the blue pond and the Farm Tomita!

Really enjoy the Lavender Ice Cream, but please do take note it has so many visitors and perhaps the observation deck for some thick skinned moment! Actually, we have gotten another shot, but fat face is too fat, oh well.

There are trains from Furano to Farm Tomita, so please do check that out and the best thing is that, if you have the JR pass, it's a free ride! Woohoo!

AddressJapan, 〒071-0704 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sorachi District, 中富良野町基線北15号


Absolutely loving Otaru, as it is like an old town with really great 7 flavors ice cream and THAT IS THE BOMB!

You may take images near the canal, or simply in the middle of the road where people will naturally pull their father away...HAHAHS! There's really quite a lot of shops to walk and see, gotten my $5 quality umbrella from there too!

AddressJapan, 〒047-0007 Hokkaido Prefecture, Otaru, 港町 

7 flavors ice cream: Venetian Cafeteria

Address: 5-27 Sakaimachi, Otaru 047-0027, Hokkaido


Loving the big ass 7 eleven!!! Woohoo! And of course, the jaw-dropping scenery! It was a pity that when we head up Mount Hakodate, it was really foggy and the visitability was near to 0 :( But I do enjoy the hot corn soup from the vending machine, that did helped a little, other than that... perhaps the sushi shop that allows us to eat something more than cup noodles? Hahahas!



Last but not least, I think Laya Toya was the creme of the crop, simply because I managed to wake up at 4am for the sunrise. However, the campsite I stayed at would require a cabbing in, otherwise there would only be 2 bus stop timing which are pretty early. We managed to catch the bus back to the station, but not to the campsite. 

If you ain't going on a backpack tour, you may head to the hot spring resort at the heart of Lake Toya, their fireworks will utterly impressed you! But this campsite could see the tiny fireworks too! *please do get your hopes up high, it's really tiny*

Location: Nakatoya Campjo

Would totally love to visit Hokkaido again, but during their freezing cold weather! Do let me know if there's more Instagram-worthy location in the comment session!