Drive, Stay and the BEST black pork in Jeju!

Hey yo bong bong! Please tell me that this also plays in your mind whenever people mentioned "Hey" to you! hahahas!

Okay, as moving from my last year's super delayed post to early this year's trip, I finally have the motivation to give u guys or jotting down for myself the best black pork in JEJU! My Korea friend was telling me that her friend mentioned that was the nicest she ate as well, so without further ado, let's go~


 If you think that woman driver is bad, then you may go ahead to drive in Jeju. Becuase I drove there for all the three days, and the most insane thing was... there was a mini typhoon on the day we landed, that's why it was raining super badly to the point I can't even see clearly.

But one thing to take note, the driver is on the left-hand side, and there is barely street lights so make sure to on high beam.

For more information on the overseas license, please visit here. Basically, bring an ID photo of yourself and $20. Also, if you're less than 25 years old, please advanced booked your car before arriving, otherwise not much people would want to offer you a car. Watch my Vlog to find out where you could rent a 🚗.

Also, if you're planning to drive, do take note all of the telephone number of the area you're heading to! As there GPS is by keying in the phone number.

P.S/ even the beach has a telephone number!


I think the place I stayed was the prettiest, and the most convenient one! It is located 30minutes away from the airport and about 15minutes to Innisfree, Osulloc and Teddy Bear Museum!

It's a two level house, and the interior was really cosy! I loveeee how the second level is such a great place to take a room shot!

If you're keen in booking, please do check it out from here!
First time booking Airbnb? Received a $25 discount by using my code~~~ And I can receive a discount for my other trips! hahahah


THE REAL DEAL IS HERE! Okay, I think I really have some issues with myself, I love to write food posts at 12 am which means my tummy will be hungry by now 😩 Anyway, that's not the deal, the deal is this black pork is visited by Superman Returns' twin family 😍

The black pork is so much crispier skin as compared to the normal one, the real thick and juicy lean meat were real good. 🤤 The best part was, wrap it with kelp and put some soy powder, I would guarantee you that is the best wrap you've ever tasted! Okay, at least it is for me till today. I love how salty the kelp was marinated, and the soy powder blended with a little #soybabe to help the neutralised the taste a little, and of course what Kbbq without the spicy sauce! Perfect match for the cold winter then! 🐷💚⛄

Oh, and I forget to mention, it's super pocket-friendly! For two pax, it's about SGD$20 each!

Thank you, my friend, for the image and of course the recommendation!

That's all for today, it was a quite sudden post, and nothing is sponsored anyway, just wanna share my love for sinful food!