People will not believe you went to Korea, if you haven’t tried these foods!

Hey Nommies!! I’m finally back with another foooood post 🀀. My favourites have to be the last three that I’ve mentioned in this post and still missing them soooo badly right now!

My head chef has recommended some places to eat, so definitely worth a visit and it’s really hidden gem!

Ginseng Chicken Soup Place πŸ”πŸ²

If you’re heading to Korea during winter, then this might be the place to warm your soul! The boiling hot Ginseng Chicken, that tastes nothing but healing. It’s not exactly the taste of healthy, but I do fancy the mild Ginseng taste with the chicken broth being used as the base. The glutinous rice packed within the full small chicken has also absorbed the taste of the chicken. With the given ginseng soju shot, it starts the meal with a kick. Oh, I totally fancy the free kimchi radish pickles drooling

Damage for the pocket: $30 per pax

Raw Octopus πŸ™
Not sure if you would like to be as kind as ming-ku who release the octopus, or eating them raw. I had raw squid in Hokkaido, but I love octopus even more. The tentacles of the octopus make it chewier, and with the mildly spicy sauce to perk up the taste.

Damage for the pocket: $12 per serving

Blood sausage: πŸ₯˜
Would definitely try the steamed blood sausage next time, but having it within a spicy stew taste more like a normal sausage instead. It doesn’t have much of the iron taste, unlike the Thailand blood jelly. But overall, I loved this spicy dish during the winter, as it warms us up, and the base is really great with rice! The portion is quite a lot for two ladies, so if you ain’t big eater, skip the rice will do the trick!

Damage for the pocket: $30 for two pax

JaJang Meong and Cheap Strawberry 🍜 and πŸ“

The handmade noodle for the Jajeong Meong in this morning market is the bomb. Not only is the noodle on point, the pricing of the noodle is on point too! It’s only three dollars for everything you see here!! (Not inclusive of the cup of tteobokki people)

Also, it is a pretty great place even for a solo trip! As they have dedicated seat for an individual. So you don't have to feel awkward sharing seats! Do get there before the lunch crowd, because trust me, the queue is mega-long till outside the restaurant!

Address: Mangwong market, it's walkable distance from the  subway station

Damage for the pocket: $3 for one pax

At that area also sell really affordable strawberry, when I say affordable it means hell yeah cheap  πŸ€‘ It's like $6 for two rows of freaking huge and sweet strawberry!! I hate those sour ones, and I have freaking no ideas how to choose those sweet ones. So I kinda can guarantee 99% sweet (you might be the 1% suay kid πŸ˜…)

Total damage in this area for the pocket: $9 

Korean BBQ πŸ–πŸ₯“

I had it twice in Seoul, and I must say that it tastes pretty much the same at all part of Seoul, as the meats are fresh and prices are similar. I ate it at the lv 2 of Meongdong (officially my favourite place in Seoul ❤️

1. Order white rice and kimchi soup
2. Place white rice and a few spoon or kimchi soup (with meat) and seaweed

I ordered this in Myeongdong BBQ place, so be sure to do it!! Cause it's so damn good, omggg, imissingyoukorea πŸ’”

Total damage in this area for the pocket: $20

Lobster Corn and Cheese 🌽

This is a flavour bursting dancing little lobster inside your mouth!! It's so legit! I must say, eat it while it's hot!! Cause the cheese melts soo well and stick with the lobster, while the corn adds to the flavour burst that helps to enhance the freshness of the lobster. Be sure it's fresh, as the queue is so froking long ya! But I must say it's pretty expensive as a street food, so I ate it on my last day which is when I know I've extra cash to spare! 

Total damage in this area for the pocket: $15

Tteobokki and Odeng 🍒
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Lastly, IT HAS TO BE ODENG ODENG ODENG!! It's everywhere in the small booth!! So I love that feeling when you stand and have a simple odeng when it's so cold! Have some tteobokki too! It's about $3, while odeng is $1.50 per stick. It depends on location too! Myeongdong is $4 for 2 sticks, so get it near ulu places! Nyhhehhehhe

Do comment which are your favourites, and do suggest what are food that I could eat there! Cause I might head over again!!