#flytiff to Gold Coast!

I've to declare that this post will be flooded with images, but I also would like to ensure you that it will be good! Besides, these are the shots that you could take during your trip over there, with some tips and the drive around and, of course, GREAT FOOD 🤤

Trust me when I say surfer paradise is overhyped, or we just head there at the wrong season. We didn't stay in that area but rather nearer to the theme park where it's a quieter neighborhood with no heater in the house 😂 I almost died from laughing when my friend froze there after a morning shower 😂

We managed to grab some Greek food, which is hell lot for the both of us! We ate it for both lunch and dinner. But my Cousin did mention there is a real good fish and chips around the corner of surfer paradise which is cheap yet good.

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Theme park is always my favorite, and I really enjoyed laughing out loud when the ride speed from 20 to 100km/hr! (while my Friend screamed her lungs out) But we definitely had so much fun, or I would rather say too much 😆
There ain't many rides so it will be good to spend half a day there and the morning at paradise country, as paradise country opens till about 4pm, while movie world till 530pm. Also, a huge bonus is that the sunset is sooooo captivating 😍

Movie World Theme Park ticket: $97 at Groupon.au
Paradise country: $30 at Groupon.au

We stayed in Oxford-road, in an Airbnb, you can check them out here and use my code HERE!! So I can travel more! It has two living room, but we always walked to the near the balcony as it's cozier there and definitely due to the dolls in the first one!!

It's pretty much damn worth it as it's $70 which is the same price as staying in Airbnb near surfer paradise, just that this is SO MUCH BIGGER!

Breakfast is included where there are Tim-Tam, cornflakes, and vegemite which we gave it a try! Have it with bread and butter and spread them well. It tastes pretty thick and salty I would say. 😅
Recipe by my not-so Asian girlfriend who lives in Australia for quite some time!

Did most of our Gold Coast shopping here, and I would say it's a pretty good place to purchase all your clothes! My Friend has gotten a bomber jacket for a steal price of $30, which kept her cozy for the whole of our trip, cause she overestimates herself or underestimated the weather….❄️

A great movie place where you could experience the retro way of watching a movie, which is a DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRE!! It seems so much like Riverdale cartoon, or more commonly known as "The Archie". I think next time I would rent a lorry and but mattress at the back with blankets!! It is a good dating place!!

Yatala Drive-in theatre: $15 per pax (but you can shamelessly stay till the second one)

We drove all the way down to Byron Bay, at have a quick lunch stop at BSKT! I must say the food, people and ambiance are so good! , my friend has a small cut and the service staff helped her with the bandage, LIKE WHATTTT 😒🌚
The guacamole is the perfect match with the peanut butter as it adds a little crunch to the slight slime guacamole. While the guacamole went heavy on milk, it still tastes pleasantly nice. (Perhaps I’m just way too hungry from the shopping and driving.)

Bayon Bay greeted us with the most pleasant sunrise and dramatic clouds. The weather felt so crispy cold but I brave through it with a thin shirt thanks to IG-feel 😆 we need to walk up a rather small steep slope to get up to the lighthouse but it’s worth it to head there and the scenery is gorgeous. My take for Gold Coast is definitely YESSS! And If you don’t drive, I would suggest you to take the tour to the natural forest, which I might head over there the next time I visit Gold Coast/ Tasmania ❤️

Thank you for the great trip my homegirl, that is if you read this post and you better reply my text often bij. 😌