Tweekly; The story from the optimistic and pessimistic

Oh pessimistic, Oh pessimistic. Why u have to think of the world as such? 
Why every single item, detail, pissed you off deadly?
Why every speech, every script, would gather such an offensive remarks?

We would love to spread some positivity to you, 
We would love to hold your hard into the other side of the world.

Where humans are less of their self-interest, 
Where they don't need any benefits from you.

Oh pessimistic, oh. 
How we wish u will be more carefree, more at ease. 
When everyone is less of an offensive creature in your eyes. 


Sigh optimistic, Sigh optimistic. Why the whole world seems like a playground to you?
Why every single creature, human and living creature seems so hopeful to you?
Why any subject and object feels like it is cheering you?

We would need you to be more realistic,
We would want you to be less gullible.

Sigh optimistic, sigh.
We all know one day you will come to our side.
When you saw the darkness in everything, and no longer in the white zone.