Sleep in more, with clearer skin

In Singapore, it’s like summer year round and that makes my skin feels so dry. Sleeping and working in an air-conditioned room pretty much does only the bad, except cooling my soul down. 😌😳

With such damage of the dry weather plus the consistent slamming of makeup items, like highlighter and bronzer causing my face to have a fastest dying process. With such bad skin condition, I usually can’t go work with bared face 😟

With the current collaboration with Wellaholic, e-light indeed helps with reducing of the popping out of my pimples and reduce the sunspot but isn’t it always so much better to have a daily routine to cover everything up? πŸ€”

Live the change with Wellaholic! I’m currently using both the toner and serum for my night routine.

All you need is just a pump of the toner which acts as a triple cleaning agent for your skin! The tip is to use a cotton pad as it wipes all the dirt away, despite having really good makeup removal, there are some spots I’ve missed out and spotted by my toner!

This is my night time magic drop whereby a single drop goes a long way! Drip one to two drops of serum and it allows the next product to get absorbed better! I always put my handy moisture or mask after the serum so my raisin face could turn back into grape! πŸ‡

But I don’t put this every single night as it acts like exfoliator where they make your skin peel slightly in order to allow products to head into your deep skin. So this is definitely the lazy product for you girls out there!

What is your favourite product to place before moisture? Do comment and let me know about it