Graduation from university

Oh graduation, oh celebration~~ 🎉🎊🙌🏻
A journey I would love to jot it down and look back what idiotic stuff I did to survive my uni life. 😂

It seems like only yesterday I've made this bunch of friends, but trust me when I say the university has seemed quite a torture for me every.single.sem. Being in the part-time course is extremely hard to make friends because everybody looks half dead and eating their dinner, and that isn’t an exception for me.  💀

99% of the time, I was eating my dinner, clearing my work, otherwise playing the snake game. After graduation, some days I miss having dinner while having class, some days I miss helping my friend clear his work email cause he’s such a sucker for deleting those useless ones. Sometimes I missed laughing out loud with my girls and don’t really understanding those lectures. While other days, I’m glad I’ve graduated as stressing over the project can be sleepless nights… 😴

But all in all, I’m glad meeting this bunch of friends, who are in hell with me and as bitchy as me. 😳😂

P.S/ Also thanks to being in the same class as my second sister, due me to having an exemption, we became so much closerrr. Till the point it is disgusting  🤢🤢🤢

Lastly, these two are my primary school friends, and yes, they were in school and managed to spare some time for a picture. It is legit when I saw we see each other grew up and becoming mature and fewer fights 😅😚