Quarter-life Crisis

Hey thinkers,

I have officially hit the quarter-life crisis, and it isn't hitting the age of 25, but basically, it is unaware what I want to achieve or feeling doubtful about life.

Hitting the corporate ladder for about 3 years now, and consistently wondering if I'm suitable for this field. People always say at the age of 20, take the risk, have faith, venture into a life you wouldn't regret. But I couldn't be sure what type of risk I would need to take, perhaps no income?

Standing at the cross-junction, feeling no passion running in my blood. In need of people to make me feel excited about life again. Right now, my life feels stagnant, weekdays = work, weekends = sleep. Me too wanted to be young and wild before it's too late. Me too wanted to find a goal or a purpose I would like to hold dearly too.

I need to find myself back, I need to get out of this crisis. Perhaps, it's just that this year has zoomed pass too fast, faster than how I could run to the end goal.