Great Drive, Great Ocean Road

Hey wanderlust! I've been procrastinating for these posts to be out and decided to "work" on the go for these contents to be out, while I watch another series at home 😅

Great Ocean Road definitely is worth going and it will be even better if you drive there. It's always better to rent the car in advance, otherwise, the bill will shot up in the matter of few days. We rented our car with Hertz at about $100 for one and a half day? 

It's about 3hours to drive over to our cottage and I would advise you not to drive at night, the fear is real 😰😱  It's is pitch dark and the only light source is from your car. If you're driving at night, be prepared by buying some food over so you wouldn't have to drive out for dinner if the flight timing ain't in your favour.

The cottage is available on Airbnb, and it wouldn't hurt you to get additional $25 for new reg (click here to use my code)!! The cottage will definitely be a better place to stay during summer, as they have bathtub to chill while looking outdoor 😩 The winter is just too cold to hang out on the balcony which has absolutely gorgeous clear starry sky 😍

Moonlight Heads

As GPS guided us wrongly we made the wrong turn and saw a few wildlife kangaroos! If you have plans to head to zoo, you may skip here as you would need to make a detour to head over twelve apostles so I would not really recommend it. Besides, outside the cottage has kangaroos too if you're lucky enough to see them and we are!! 😍 Saw those baby kangaroos that I might kidnap them into my car actually. 

Twelve Apostles 

I believed catching the sunrise here will be so gorgeous, like what we've experienced in Byron Bay! We both are a little too sleepy head and didn't manage to wake up before the sun.  But the view is still spectacular with the natural lightray filter that I've died for (with such weird poses )  🙂🔫

Port Campbell 

This was pretty much a hidden gem when we're out grabbing our breakfast at 12 Rocks Beach Bar Cafe. The food was just decent and huge portion, but the view outside makes you feel like either an adult enjoying the view or a child who wants to quickly finish up your food to head out! Wanted to head down to the stairs but it was closed with a locked door #suchluck

London Bridge

 I'm not sure why there is London Bridge on Great Ocean Road, but we drove along the road for each tourist attraction. There are some we gave it a missed due to the limited time we had, as we only rented the car for a day. 

It will be great to spend two days there and head up to the lighthouse near Great Otway National Park ! We actually drove up but didn't head into the lighthouse as it needs $$$$ and we left with 15mins. But I'm pretty sure we drove past a koala bear hanging on the tree!!! 

There is so much more you could do if you stayed for two days, do search up on the Yarra Valley Wine Tour! Enjoy your trip, and be safe!